Christmas Tree Hunting 2016

Please be patient with me. I used to blog once a month about our lives and I stopped the second I started throwing up multiple times a day due to a little baby girl. I may or may not backtrack. I had this in my drafts so I am going to post it.

One of my favorite traditions around Thanksgiving and right before Christmas is Christmas tree hunting. We go almost every year and find the perfect tree. This year for Christmas Robert and I went to Hawaii from December 16-December 31. So we weren’t sure if it would even be worth it. But I had to decorate. I am so happy we did.

This year we got our trees as a Rasmussen family. It didn’t take us too long and it was a really fun experience. If you’ve never Christmas tree hunted you need to try it at least once.

Oh and I was totally pregnant here, I just didn’t know it yet. It’s so crazy to think that we will have a little one with us this year. I think it will be even more special with kids.

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4th of July Recap


This year for the fourth of July we went camping. It was much needed. Robert had to study all day Saturday so we woke up early on Sunday morning and went to church at my parents ward. After church we drove up to the mountains and pitched our tent. We had a hot dog roast. You guys, I love campfires. Everything tastes so much better on a campfire. Robert and I slept with our rain flap off so we could look at the stars. We slept amazing. In the middle of the night a little creature tried to get into our tent. We both woke up and Robert had to scare it away.

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Christmas with the Rasmussen’s (2015)

This Christmas was magical, festive, and way too short. Robert had to work Christmas Eve and the day after Christmas. It was the pits. We squeezed every ounce of celebration in when we could.

On the 24th Robert went to work and I prepared to clean the house so we would be ready to go to my parents house when Robert got off work. Robert and I love cleaning before we go out of town so we can come home to a clean home. This time around it didn’t work because it was all up to me and I was a grump. I missed my family. I felt horrible for Robert because he was working and I was home alone. Luckily I got to meet him for a small lunch. When I came home Instead of cleaning I watched Elf and a cheesy holiday movie on Hulu.

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Ch-Ch-Changes & Exciting News

Robert and I have hit a point in our marriage where things won’t stay still. Life keeps moving forward and it’s kind of exciting. On our way home from Thanksgiving last week I asked him, “How do we find a home?” I wasn’t meaning a house, we have one of those, but in the future, where will we call home? Where will we end up? We thought about it for a minute and moved forward to the next topic. It’s a little too soon to think about.

Which leads me to some exciting news!

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Thanksgiving with the Wollenzien’s 2015

This year for Thanksgiving we went to the Wollenzien house in Beaver. (If you’ve never been to Beaver and you enjoy small towns you need to go. They have the best water, a cheese factory, my favorite Dairy Queen, and some really good Mexican restaurants.)

This was my first Thanksgiving away from the Rasmussen’s. I missed them terribly, but I love my in-laws so much and they made me feel at home. Robert has 5 siblings, most of them are married and there are 13 nieces and nephews. It was so loud and very fun. We watched movies, played rock band, Sega, and ate a ton of delicious food.

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Here and There (October 2015)



November Collage

1.) Fall was quite magical this year. It was warm and crispy. I rocked my Saltwater sandals until my toes were frozen.

2.) Robert and I tried our hand at watercoloring.  Here’s to new hobbies

3.) I tried to enjoy fall as much as I could. Tea everyday…all day.

4. We ate peaches up until the farmers stopped selling them. If you have never tried a peach from a farmers market or a fruit stand then you haven’t tried a real peach.

Love Love Love,
Krystal Dey