Here and There October/November 2016

I could not for the life of me think of anything to write for my October Here and There update. So, I decided to combine October with November. Also, I get it… I know it’s February! 🙂

My grandma Theresia and Grandpa Maurice knew how to celebrate the holidays. I found these old photos and it brought back so many memories of going to their house every Halloween to eat chili burgers (sloppy joe’s), orange jell-o, and homemade buttery rolls. I miss them and I want to be more like them in every way. Also, can we talk about how I was Barney for Halloween. It was probably one of my most favorite costumes as a child.

TeAnna dressed up like someone from Beverly Hill Billy’s and there is the Baby Bob to my Barney.

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Thanksgiving with the Wollenzien’s 2015

This year for Thanksgiving we went to the Wollenzien house in Beaver. (If you’ve never been to Beaver and you enjoy small towns you need to go. They have the best water, a cheese factory, my favorite Dairy Queen, and some really good Mexican restaurants.)

This was my first Thanksgiving away from the Rasmussen’s. I missed them terribly, but I love my in-laws so much and they made me feel at home. Robert has 5 siblings, most of them are married and there are 13 nieces and nephews. It was so loud and very fun. We watched movies, played rock band, Sega, and ate a ton of delicious food.

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