Books I’ve Been Reading Part V

I haven’t updated my book list in so long. I am going to keep my book reviews short and sweet. All of the books are linked to the Amazon description. And I found all of these at my local library. I have been reading a lot of YA. :/ In fact, the entire list is YA except for one (insert monkey covering eye emoji) I guess the summer makes me feel young and restless. Some of the books below have been some of my favorites of the year.


Stars Above is the final book of The Lunar Chronicles. It is a collection of short stories about new characters and some of my favorite characters. If you have read The Lunar Chronicles you need to read this.

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Books I’ve Been Reading Part IV

I’ve been on a book reading frenzy. It helps that Robert loves to read. Most evenings we come home, kickback, and read. He is the type of reader that cannot put a book down until he finishes it. I can put a book down at any minute, mid chapter even.

I used to keep track of books I want to read on my notes app. A few months ago I got a Good Reads account and now I keep my list there. You can follow me here. I feel like I am a good person to follow because I haven’t listed I have ever read. It is a list from the past couple of years.


Landline I got on a major Rainbow Rowell kick in January. I love this author. The first book I ever read by her was “Eleanor and Park”. It is one of my favorite YA books, but don’t worry not all of her books are YA. “Landline” was very well written and relatable. Don’t let the whole magic phone premise keep you away from it. (Contains F bombs and a little sexual content.) Continue reading