Lake Alice 2016

The very day Robert’s first break from school started we headed off to Lake Alice. We love going so much. We don’t bring in our watches and there isn’t cell service. It is so natural and wonderful being away from technology, clocks and our cell phones.

A few of our friends came with us. Drew stayed the entire time and Christian and Bob drove from Arizona for the trip!

This is probably my very favorite picture from our trip.

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The Purpose of This Blog

Every.single.time I decide to grow my blog I freak out and I don’t post for months and months at a time. I last posted in June. I guess for me I always ask myself, “What is the purpose of blogging?” I first started this blog as an assignment for a writing class. The teacher wanted us to write something every week. Back then I would write scripts or story ideas. Slowly it became a place to document my life.

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4th of July Recap


This year for the fourth of July we went camping. It was much needed. Robert had to study all day Saturday so we woke up early on Sunday morning and went to church at my parents ward. After church we drove up to the mountains and pitched our tent. We had a hot dog roast. You guys, I love campfires. Everything tastes so much better on a campfire. Robert and I slept with our rain flap off so we could look at the stars. We slept amazing. In the middle of the night a little creature tried to get into our tent. We both woke up and Robert had to scare it away.

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Here and There (June 2016)

The summer is flying by and I am not quite sure how I feel about it. The other day I realized that every single weekend in July is booked with more than one activity. I had a little breakdown because I want to soak up every minute of summer and not feel rushed or pressured to be at “things.”

So this month I am saying no to the things I just don’t have time to go to, I am soaking up every ray of sunlight, and I am enjoying summer.


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Here and There (May 2016)

Hello Hello and happy summer! Is it even summer yet? I could Google it, but I don’t want to. This month has been a month of change! Robert started his PA program and I am getting used to him studying all.the.time.


IMG_7770_sized  IMG_7771_sized

Robert’s parent’s left on their mission to Hawaii a few weeks ago and their farewell was on Mother’s Day. All of our husbands bought us Lei’s. They were beautiful and I loved mine.
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Here and There (April 2016)

Happy May everyone. I love the month of May because it always meant school was out and it was time for swimming, reading and playing in the sun. This year is a bit weird because Robert actually started school in May. Crazy, huh? Goodbye swimming for him.

April was a wonderful month because it was my birthday month. It also warmed up so we were able to do more things outside. The flowers were blooming and everyday we would check on our little flowers to see if they had bloomed yet.

And we had delicious food. I found this recipe for homemade green sauce. I usually buy the bottled stuff, but it has a bunch of things in it that I don’t want in my body like MSG and such. So I decided to make my own.

Chili Verde sauce

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