Christmas Tree Hunting 2016

Please be patient with me. I used to blog once a month about our lives and I stopped the second I started throwing up multiple times a day due to a little baby girl. I may or may not backtrack. I had this in my drafts so I am going to post it.

One of my favorite traditions around Thanksgiving and right before Christmas is Christmas tree hunting. We go almost every year and find the perfect tree. This year for Christmas Robert and I went to Hawaii from December 16-December 31. So we weren’t sure if it would even be worth it. But I had to decorate. I am so happy we did.

This year we got our trees as a Rasmussen family. It didn’t take us too long and it was a really fun experience. If you’ve never Christmas tree hunted you need to try it at least once.

Oh and I was totally pregnant here, I just didn’t know it yet. It’s so crazy to think that we will have a little one with us this year. I think it will be even more special with kids.

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“Better Than Before” By Gretchen Rubin

I have another blog post coming about books I’ve been reading, however, I wanted to have this one to have it’s own post. Plus the other books I’ve been reading are all YA fiction. I know, I know. I’m a little embarrassed and a little not.

A few months ago I read the book, Better Than Before: What I Learned About Making and Breaking Habits–to Sleep More, Quit Sugar, Procrastinate Less, and Generally Build a Happier Life”.

I read it because I was struggling at keeping new habits, I am also a sucker for self-help books and Gretchen Rubin.

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The Purpose of This Blog

Every.single.time I decide to grow my blog I freak out and I don’t post for months and months at a time. I last posted in June. I guess for me I always ask myself, “What is the purpose of blogging?” I first started this blog as an assignment for a writing class. The teacher wanted us to write something every week. Back then I would write scripts or story ideas. Slowly it became a place to document my life.

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Things I’m Proud of (2015)

I tweeted this a few days ago, “As the year ends & I reflect on 2015 the thing I’m most proud of is only having to attend 2 bridal showers & 0 baby showers! Cheers to 2016!” And though it’s true it really got me thinking about what I really am most proud of.

This has been a growing year for me. I realized things I’ve never realized and I’ve grown in ways I never knew I needed to grow. I feel like I am finally in this place of content and peace.

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Christmas with the Rasmussen’s (2015)

This Christmas was magical, festive, and way too short. Robert had to work Christmas Eve and the day after Christmas. It was the pits. We squeezed every ounce of celebration in when we could.

On the 24th Robert went to work and I prepared to clean the house so we would be ready to go to my parents house when Robert got off work. Robert and I love cleaning before we go out of town so we can come home to a clean home. This time around it didn’t work because it was all up to me and I was a grump. I missed my family. I felt horrible for Robert because he was working and I was home alone. Luckily I got to meet him for a small lunch. When I came home Instead of cleaning I watched Elf and a cheesy holiday movie on Hulu.

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Books I’ve Been Reading Part III

The summer of 2015 was lovely. Robert and I read and read and read. He read “The Mistborn Series” and we reread the “Lunar Chronicles”, but this time we listened to it on our road trips. I love reading book reviews. And I love sharing my book recommendations, you can check out my other recommendations here and here.

The Rosie Project This book was on a lot of Pinterest book recommendations charts. It took me a little while to get into it because I didn’t really like the main character. I am glad I finished it, but it wasn’t the greatest book I’ve ever read. I also rate books on whether or not I would buy the book. I wouldn’t have bought this book. I returned this to the library and they called me saying there was water damage, so I had to buy the book. I felt like a felon. I have never damaged a library book. When they handed me the book to keep, I wished it was a different book.  (A few F bombs)

Rosie Project

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Clark County Fair

Robert and I are small town folk. He’s from Nevada, I’m from Utah. And we love our small towns. Not the kind of love that would want us to move back to either of those small towns we grew up in. But one day I think we’ll find our own small town to live in.

Robert has been wanting me to go to the Clark County Fair since I’ve met him. In fact, he’s wanted my entire family to go.


When Robert and I were still dating in January of 2014 we went to my parents house for a few days to hang out. My parents took us to a local diner to eat. While we were waiting for our food to arrive Robert had this conversation with them.

Robert: “What are you guys doing the second week of April?”
My parents: (smile nervously, excitement gleam in their eyes.)
Robert: “Because my town has a huge fair every year. It’s the Clark County Fair.”
My parents: (Still smiling, looking confused.)
Robert: “You guys should go. I think you would love it. My favorite thing is the pig races.”
My Parents:(Looking disappointed)
Robert: “They have funnel cake”
My Parents: “A fair, huh?”
Me: (Smiling)
My Parents: “Yeah…maybe”
Robert: (Smiling) “Cool”

Later I pulled Robert aside and told him they thought he was asking if they were busy because he wanted to get married that day. After thinking back on the conversation, he thought. Yeah…yeah they were.

So back to the Clark County Fair. We actually couldn’t go last year because we were engaged and had to work. Ya know, savin’ money to wed and such.

This year Robert had a few days off f rom work and spring break in school. We desperately wanted to get out of Utah to the heat. We drove to Mesquite and spent the night. The next day we went to the Clark County Fair in Logandale.

Now, I’ve been to a few fairs in my day. I’ve never seen one so large.

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Trying to Cope After the Loss of a Loved One

I’ve been sitting in a numb shock for hours. Suddenly work or the plans I made for the day don’t matter anymore. People matter. This past year I’ve had a lot of friends lose parents or children to sudden incidents or unknown illnesses and every single time I hear of their loss my entire body goes numb.

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