Showers for the Baby

(Where has Krystal been? Spoiler alert, I had my baby in August! It’s been three months and I am just now figuring out things again. I also have taken a pretty big break from some social media sites and blogging because as a new mom I am trying to figure out where to spend my energy. Like, my alone time energy. Turns out I really like looking back at my old posts. I also have contemplated starting a Youtube channel instead of a blog because I miss video so much, but once again, this new mom doesn’t have a lot of time. I’ll figure it out, right?)

My sister, step-mom, and sister-in-law threw my the cutest shower in the entire world. I had it when I was 36 weeks pregnant. It was a pineapple theme. The decorations were adorable, the food was delicious, and the company was the best part!

I feel so blessed and loved. I am so grateful for all of the support and love that we’ve received throughout this entire pregnancy.

These gals were pretty much the only two I invited that weren’t related to me. They are like family though. I love them and they spoiled me rotten. Camille made the most beautiful quilt for our little girl and Lori gave us the best high chair.

My niece and my cousins’ daughter. They became friends and are just the cutest.

I received so many blankets. I am not complaining because I love blankets and I know they will get used. I have so many talented friends and family members. My Aunt Janet makes minkie blankets and I got one from her and one from my grandma. They are beautiful and I can’t wait to snuggle my baby in them.

Notice Robert in the background. My dad and Robert came to the shower. I loved having them there. Robert loved seeing what we got and I made my dad the designated photographer.

The yard was absolutely stunning. My dad and LaRea have a magical backyard. They work so hard in it. That was part of the reason I wanted my dad to come. He needed to enjoy seeing friends and family in his beautiful yard.


We decided we wanted to throw another shower up north because most of our friends live up here. This picture is precious to me though. These are my two of my three friends I actually stay in contact with from high school. I love them.

I also wanted it to be gender friendly so we threw a Baby-Q. That’s right, we had a BBQ for our baby. I didn’t take pictures because I was so pregnant and the entire time I was enjoying all of my friends. Oops!

The shower was easy though. I made invites on Canva, we sent them through text. I used all of the decorations from my other baby shower and I bought some BBQ themed things from the dollar store and some root beer, viola!

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