30 Weeks Pregnant

Holy goodness! I am 30 weeks pregnant. The 2nd trimester flew by and now I’m over here in the 3rd trimester with hips that ache and a back that can’t get comfortable at night. Oh and our baby girl will be here in 10 weeks. I am far from ready, but I am so excited.


Symptoms: Charlie horses. Like what in the literal h*ck. I feel like at night I wake up multiple times to roll to another side or to pee. When I finally fall asleep I wake up to the worst charlie horses. A few fellow tweeters told me to eat more bananas and to drink a lot more water. I also am trying to drink a glass of milk a day.

Back pain is real and it’s been happening for a while now. If I sit or walk or sleep or do anything it just happens. And my hips have started to hurt. I am tired and nesting and those are a weird/confusing combination.

Nicknames/Names: We haven’t chosen THE name yet, but we actually have a list of first names and middle names. Can I just say that naming a baby is hard. It’s so much harder with social media being around too. Back when my parents named me they didn’t know if my name was in the top 20 baby name list, they didn’t know if their classmate they hated also named their baby Krystal. They just didn’t know. And I know way too much about everyone’s names.

Best moment of this week: Baby W is a wiggler. She moves and moves and moves. It’s quite adorable and every time she moves I love it.

Miss anything: Shopping for normal clothes. I enjoy buying maternity clothes, but I’ll only wear some of them for a few more months. I go shopping with my sisters and I just want to try things on, but I don’t know what my body will be like after. So I just wait. Also, energy. I do one task and I need a nap.

Maternity Clothes: In May I went to a lactation class (review post coming soon) and I won a $100 gift card to Motherhood Maternity. The store is pretty expensive for clothes you only wear for a few months, so I ended up getting a pair of maternity jeans and cute summer blouse. I also went to Ross and found the only 2 maternity shirts that were cute and I found a youth t-shirt dress that I got in an XL to fit over my bump. I think as far as I am concerned I have enough maternity clothes to last me the rest of the pregnancy.

Food cravings: I like fruit, but I feel like I haven’t had any real cravings yet.

Anything making you queasy or sick: Same as always, Red sauce pizza

Have you started to show yet: Oh I am definitely showing. Last week one of my Young Women came up to me and they said, “Oh my gosh, when you stood up I had to do a double take of your belly. You’re getting so big.

Looking forward to: The rest of the 10 weeks. I have a couple of baby showers happening, getting the rest of the things we need, and organizing my house because I am nesting.

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