Here and There October/November 2016

I could not for the life of me think of anything to write for my October Here and There update. So, I decided to combine October with November. Also, I get it… I know it’s February! 🙂

My grandma Theresia and Grandpa Maurice knew how to celebrate the holidays. I found these old photos and it brought back so many memories of going to their house every Halloween to eat chili burgers (sloppy joe’s), orange jell-o, and homemade buttery rolls. I miss them and I want to be more like them in every way. Also, can we talk about how I was Barney for Halloween. It was probably one of my most favorite costumes as a child.

TeAnna dressed up like someone from Beverly Hill Billy’s and there is the Baby Bob to my Barney.

Robert took 1st place in our wards chili cook-off. Everyone kept asking him if I helped make it and I didn’t. This is his recipe and it is delicious. It’s also more of a sweet beans stew than a chili. But it had bacon in it and the wardies devoured it with love.

Moving into November!

We went to my parents house for Thanksgiving this year. It was so much fun and I of course had to take the selfie with my little Suki sister.

Robert and I have been trying to take more selfies together. WE both deleted snapchat in last summer and we take far less selfies and we miss them.

Karli’s athlesure is on point.

This was for Young Women’s in Excellence.  Being in the YW’s presidency has really opened my eyes to the amount of time my youth leaders spent with me and the time they spent planning activities when they could have been doing something else. However, I am so thankful for them and I love serving in the Young Women’s.

I rarely get ready. So when I do, I find it necessary to document. Also, I’ve never shown pics of my house and this is showing you a little.

Thanksgiving was at my Grandma and Grandpa Rasmussen’s this year. My grandma is the cutest, she had us come over the day before to set the table. She is the one who teaches me to act like a lady.

Every Thanksgiving my family takes a walk to the highway before the big dinner.

More selfies


My friend Heidi got us tickets to the Marissa Meyer book signing in November. She wrote The Lunar Chronicles, which is my favorite series. We were ecstatic to go. Marissa was so sweet and cute. I freaked out before we went and purchased her new book and the box set of the Lunar Chronicles.

We didn’t know so many authors did book signings in Provo. We also went to the Brandon Sanderson book signing. They are so much fun and they’re nerdy and we love them.

Love Love Love,

Krystal Dey



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