Books I’ve Been Reading Part V

I haven’t updated my book list in so long. I am going to keep my book reviews short and sweet. All of the books are linked to the Amazon description. And I found all of these at my local library. I have been reading a lot of YA. :/ In fact, the entire list is YA except for one (insert monkey covering eye emoji) I guess the summer makes me feel young and restless. Some of the books below have been some of my favorites of the year.


Stars Above is the final book of The Lunar Chronicles. It is a collection of short stories about new characters and some of my favorite characters. If you have read The Lunar Chronicles you need to read this.


The Crown is the final book in Kiera Cass’s spinoff series of The Selection. There are two books in the series. It is about America’s daughter. I personally didn’t love this book. I felt like she had to wrap things up really fast. I would stick with The Selection.

The Start of Me and You

The Start of Me and You is one of the best books I’ve read the entire year. It is a fictional YA novel. I loved this book. The writing was clever, relatable, and beautiful. This book was also very clean.


After I read The Start of Me and You I went on a huge Emery Lord kick. I read all of her books in like a month. I didn’t love Open Road Summer and I wouldn’t recommend it. However, it was very summer-y and was filled with YA drama. Contained some F bombs and sexual content.


When We Collided was the last Emery Lord book I read and none of them can compare to The Start of Me and You. When we Collided was a very interesting book. The characters were compelling and it was full of color and life. I just don’t think I liked the main love interest Vivi. However, I did like how Emery brought light to mental illnesses.  Contained F Bombs and a lot of sexual content.

Better Than Before

I already wrote a separate book review for Better Than Before. You can read it here.


Dumplin’ was also a hit of my summer. I read this entire book on the way to and from Lake Alice. This book is very well written and funny. I loved it. Contained F bombs and sexual content.


I just read Love and Gelato last month and I loved it. It takes place in Italy and by the time you’re done reading it you will want to go to Italy and eat some gelato. It is very clean.

Books I’m Planning on Reading

All the Light We Cannot See



Scrappy Little Nobody

Talking as Fast as I Can

Love Love Love,
Krystal Dey

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