Lake Alice 2016

The very day Robert’s first break from school started we headed off to Lake Alice. We love going so much. We don’t bring in our watches and there isn’t cell service. It is so natural and wonderful being away from technology, clocks and our cell phones.

A few of our friends came with us. Drew stayed the entire time and Christian and Bob drove from Arizona for the trip!

This is probably my very favorite picture from our trip.

Can you guess what day of the trip this was? Look at my pants. It was the last. Each year I pack smaller and smaller.

The lighting was perfect.

Robert and I could hammock all day.

Just a girl and a view.

This is why we come here every year

Drew and I had never been around the lake. So we went on a little hike to see what was out there.

We found a rope swing.

Robert and I took a similar picture our first year going together, we look taller now.

When people ask what we do while we’re at Lake Alice we say, “We skip rocks, take pics, lay in hammocks, and build rock walls.” It’s soooo relaxing.


The crew.

The view.

The newest rock addition.


I love Lake Alice. It’s where I often go in my daydreams. Until next year!

Love Love Love,

Krystal Dey

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