Fall Bucket-list (2016)

I have had this list in my mind since September 1st, but I felt like I couldn’t really do anything until October 1. Let Autumn begin.


Carve pumpkins

Roast pumpkin seeds

Go on a hike while the weather is slightly cooler

Watch Hocus Pocus

Make caramel popcorn. It is my SIL’s recipe, I’ll post it.

Make caramel apple dip. I want to try this dip.

Drink hot cocoa

Dress up. I am Jim Halpert you guys, it’s not that I don’t like dressing up, but I hate choosing what to be and I hate spending money on costumes I’ll never wear again. WE have one Halloween party and I have no idea what to be.

Make pumpkin chocolate chip bars.

Decorate the house. Robert and I have very different Halloween style. He wants to decorate creepy Halloween and I want to decorate cutesy Halloween. This year maybe we can find a happy medium.


Love Love Love,

Krystal Dey

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