Here and There (August 2016)

August was probably my favorite month of the entire summer. Robert finally got a little break from school, about 2 weeks, and my baby sis came home from her mission. img_8309_sized

Scooter had a little fatty lump removed from his side while he was staying with us. It was so hard because he couldn’t run or jump. Robert and I slept on the floor for 5 days just so he wouldn’t try to jump on our bed. I am happy to report he is back to normal.


Robert and I went to Lake Alice the day he got out of school. This has easily become one of my favorite family traditions we have started as our own little family. There is a blog post dedicated to lake Alice 2016 coming soon.



These are a few pictures our friend Bob took of us. I love this one.


Karli came home on August 16th. It was one of the greatest days of my life. She was supposed to fly in at 1 PM and her flights all got delayed. She didn’t come home until 10:30 PM. She was only coming from Oregon. We were so excited to see her. My dad was the cutest, he HAD to be in every.single.picture.


I cried so much when she came off the plane.


Karli was so tired because she had been in the airport since 7 AM. We literally could have drove to Oregon to pick her up in the same amount of time. But no complaints here. We are happy she is home and safe.


I bought a few t’s from Target for the summer and I would 10/10 recommend. They are currently on sale 2 for $16 and I think I might go buy a few more. Also I think I lost this grey one.


TeAnna bought Karli some new clothes and I was actually wearing the exact same shirt she bought Karli. See below.




My friend Tasha gave us this table (she actually made it), the chairs and lights. It was the coolest thing. I actually wanted to buy some and then she text me saying she was moving and I could have them. She is the sweetest.


This year my flower photos have rocked my socks off. I can’t believe how beautiful flowers are. I’m going to miss them, but I am so excited for their return next spring.


Karli finally got to meet baby Abby. Can we just talk about how stunning my brother and sister-in-law’s babies are. If my babies are half as cute I will be so lucky. Look at that face.


Also, another Target purchase I would 10/10 recommend. These shirts are only $12 from Target. I am going back to buy like 2 more. They are perfect for Autumn.


And last but not least, I am so blessed to get to call these people my family. I love them so much and am grateful for every single one of them.

Love Love Love,

Krystal Dey

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