Lake Alice

This summer has been full of adventures. Some include banana splits and movies indoors, splashing through the sprinklers, BBQ’s with friends, and backpacking to Lake Alice.

Lake Alice is a tradition for my husband. He goes every year. This year I got to go. Story: I knew my husband really liked me last year when we were first dating because before he headed to Lake Alice he stopped by my apartment to tell me goodbye. He returned home with a “I missed you” text. This year, as his wife, I finally got to see what all the rave was about and he was right, it is stunning.

Lake Alice is a 2 mile backpack trip in. Doesn’t sound bad, but the first truck got to backpack in twice. Robert, Drew and I may be over packers. When I say Robert, Drew, and I, I really mean I am an over packer.

Things I learned:

// I probably won’t wear those sweatpants
// I probably won’t eat that extra peach
// I probably won’t write much
// I will take photos
// I will daydream and watch the clouds
// I will skip rocks
// I will love pie iron creations
// I will bath with the minnows
// I will explore
// I will fall in love with Lake Alice

It was easy to fall in love with a place so beautiful. What I didn’t know was I would come home and wish I were there. Or I would try and go back before the fall.

There’s just something about waking up to this view every morning. It makes everything right in the world. You are constantly thanking Heavenly Father for the experience.

Love Love Love,
Krystal Dey

P.S. Everyone keeps saying fall is here. It’s not! It has dropped degrees, but not 60 degrees. Let’s keep the sandals and the shorts going! Peace and Love!

P.P.S What is your favorite trip, hike, or whatever you’ve been on this summer?

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