We’re Engaged!

The story.

It was our 9 month anniversary. Flashback.

9 months ago a handsome bearded boy from my ward asked me to go get a fritter with him from his favorite bakery for breakfast the next morning. I jumped on the chance. I even woke up early…on a Saturday morning. It was our first date.

He picked me up at 8. He opened the door to his truck (chivalrous). We headed to the bakery. We chatted. Awkwardly giggled. We smiled. He bought us some fritters and we drove around looking for a park to sit and eat. We found a park. We ate and ate and I gave him my leftovers. It was a warm sunny day, kids playing soccer, parents cheering, LARPERS (live action role players) were arriving in costume. We didn’t get a chance to watch them “play” because we both had to go to weddings and baby showers.

Present day.

9 months later. It was a weekday. Robert and I talked about it being our 9 month anniversary the day before, he suggested we go to the bakery to get a fritter as a little celebration before work. He picked me up at 8. We drove. We held hands. We stole kisses. We giggled so hard we snorted. He bought us some fritters and he drove me to the train. We ate our fritters as we waited.

I hopped on the train. I worked. I got home. We went to my sisters work gym. Robert and his buddy played basketball. TeAnna and I giggled about boys. TeAnna told me she felt like something was wrong with Karli, but she was confused because she hadn’t text or called. I grabbed my phone. Sure enough Karli had called. She left a message and told me a scary lady came into her work and she was alone. I got defensive and told her I was coming. I drove 1 minute to Karli’s work. I dropped TeAnna off and parked. I yelled at TeAnna to grab my knife and pepper spray. I ran into her store.

I asked her if the mean lady were still there. She told me she wasn’t. Karli cried. I hugged her and told her I would protect her. Karli opened a piece of paper on her counter and she read it to me. It was a letter. A letter about why she loves me. She cried, I cried. She told me to call Paisley. I called Paisley and she asked me to meet her at our favorite Thai food restaurant. I drove. I walked in, Paisley sitting at a booth, sipping on water. I sat across from her. She opened up a piece of paper and read to me a letter of why she loves me. I cried. Paisley told me to call Kenzi. I called Kenzi. She asked me to meet her at Betos.

I drove to Betos. I walked in, Kenzi also drinking water, and sat across from her. She opened a card and read to me why she loves me. I cried. She told me to call Matt. I called Matt. He asked me to meet him at Rancheritos. I drove. I met him in the parking lot. He got out of his car, I got out of mine and he opened up a piece of paper and read to me why he loves me. I hugged him. I cried.

He told me to call Lindsay. She told me to meet her at Robert’s house. I drove. I walked inside. She opened up a piece of paper and read to me why she loves me. I cried. She told me to call TeAnna. TeAnna told me to meet her at my apartment.

I drove to my place. I opened the door and saw my parents sitting on my couch. I cried. I snorted, snot ran out of my nose. I sat down. LaRea opened a paper and read to my why she loves me. Next, my Dad read to me why he loves me. He showed pictures of me as a child. I cried. My dad also read me a letter my mom wrote when I turned 8 telling me why she loves me. I cried.

My cousin Jessica came over. She told me why she loves me. I cried. My dad, LaRea, and Jessica said they had to leave. I hugged them. TeAnna told me to facetime my grandparents. I did. They were in bed ready to sleep. They read me letters of why they love me. I cried. TeAnna told me to call my brothers. I called Danciel and Dustin, they told me why they love me. TeAnna fixed my hair and told me to go to my room. My silver sparkly dress was laying on my bed. She told me to put it on.

I got dressed, walked out, and TeAnna told me to sit down. She opened a piece of paper and read to me why she loves me. I cried. She told me to call Robert. I called Robert. He told me to meet him at the park where we had our first date. I jumped in my car with TeAnna and drove to the park. As I arrived the park was empty. I put my car in park and turned off my engine. I noticed Robert was alone. Sitting on a bench, wearing a tux.

I walked towards him. He got up and said, “Krystal, is that you?” He walked towards me. I cried. As I hugged him I noticed LARPERS in the background “playing”. He walked me to the blanket covered bench. He asked me to sit down. He held my hands and got down on his knee and told me why he loves me, then he asked me if I would marry him? I squealed and excitingly said, “Yes!”

He slipped a sparkly ring on my left ring finger and I jumped into his arms. I cried.

All of our friends and family members dressed as LARPERS ran over to us, toy swords in hand. Robert and I shouted to them that we were engaged. We screamed and hugged. We laughed and cried so hard we snorted.

We’re getting married!

Love Love Love,
Krystal Dey

P.S. Love is just love, but when you’re in love it’s the greatest kind of love. We feel so blessed. I found my person and I am so excited to spend eternity with him!

12 thoughts on “We’re Engaged!

  1. Oh my goodness!! Cutest thing I have ever heard!! I cried like a baby! So happy for you guys! Welcome to the family Robert!

  2. Oh my goodness! Krystal – you definitely have a keeper there! Sean and I are so happy for you ~ Congratulations!!!

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