Lake Alice

This summer has been full of adventures. Some include banana splits and movies indoors, splashing through the sprinklers, BBQ’s with friends, and backpacking to Lake Alice.

Lake Alice is a tradition for my husband. He goes every year. This year I got to go. Story: I knew my husband really liked me last year when we were first dating because before he headed to Lake Alice he stopped by my apartment to tell me goodbye. He returned home with a “I missed you” text. This year, as his wife, I finally got to see what all the rave was about and he was right, it is stunning.

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Shake It Off

Most of you know I love Taylor Swift. Like, you guys, I met her last year, and I couldn’t really blog about it because it was so special.

She just released her new single, “Shake It Off” and it is everything wonderful and more. Karli, TeAnna, Robert (he’s sweet), and I watched part of her live stream. We screamed, we giggled, we smiled.

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Happy End of July

Seriously you guys! Can you believe that July is almost over! Where did it go? I think this every year and then I always think, how can I find a place to live where the months are reversed of Utah. AKA 6 months of Summer and 3 months of winter. Wouldn’t that be lovely.

As you know I’ve stopped blogging. As you know I got married. I did. So much happened, I’m just not sure how to blog about everything. Here’s the footnotes. I got married to my best friend in May. We went on a 2-week long honeymoon. He and I live in an adorable little home (more of that coming soon). We’ve been renovating. We love shaved ice. We love food.

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26 Adventures

Well folks, I’m one year older and wiser too. Here’s to 26!

// Create a summer bucket list with my husband
// Travel out of the state
// Ride waves in the ocean
// Visit another country
// Ride my bike all over town (buy a bike)
// Read D&C
// Plant a real garden and keep alive
// Master the strawberry or peach pie
// Plan another family reunion
// Attend a few concerts
// Read a few books on my book list
// Run a race
// Meet my neighbors
// Paint something beautiful
// Blog at least once a week
// Catch a fish with my fishing pole
// Host a sleepover with my nieces and nephews
// Make something crafty with the girls
// Write more letters
// Hike Timp
// Sleep outside
// Play with a puppy
// Make cheese danishes
// Go to Lake Alice
// Holistically balance my life

Love Love Love,
Krystal Dey

P.P.S This was so much fun last year. I didn’t have to check everything off my list and I didn’t. Maybe they’re things I would have already done or maybe this list helped me blog about them.

We’re Engaged!

The story.

It was our 9 month anniversary. Flashback.

9 months ago a handsome bearded boy from my ward asked me to go get a fritter with him from his favorite bakery for breakfast the next morning. I jumped on the chance. I even woke up early…on a Saturday morning. It was our first date.

He picked me up at 8. He opened the door to his truck (chivalrous). We headed to the bakery. We chatted. Awkwardly giggled. We smiled. He bought us some fritters and we drove around looking for a park to sit and eat. We found a park. We ate and ate and I gave him my leftovers. It was a warm sunny day, kids playing soccer, parents cheering, LARPERS (live action role players) were arriving in costume. We didn’t get a chance to watch them “play” because we both had to go to weddings and baby showers.

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God Bless School Teachers

This week I am the luckiest transportation rider in the world. (sarcasm sign).

Yesterday I was blessed. I sat down, turned on “New Girl”, and relaxed. Minutes later I was lucky enough to have 100 sister missionaries accompany me home. They sat by me. Looking at me, wanting to talk. I wanted to watch “New Girl”. After minutes I realized Schmidt was too inappropriate to watch while sitting next to “sisters”. But I kept watching.

Let me paint the picture. They had only been in the MTC for a week. They had deer in the headlights expressions. They had yet to have P-day.

As soon as the show ended and I removed my headphones, we chatted and chatted and chatted. I’m still Mormon.

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