In The Winter We Are Snowbirds

Mine and Roberts dream is to be snow birds at a young age. We will live someplace warm in the winter and in the summer we will live in Utah so we can still enjoy the beautiful mountains and hike and camp and play.

My grandma and grandpa are real snowbirds. They live in Yuma, Arizona from December to April. This year we went to visit them because hello, it was freezing here and it was 80 degrees there.


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Spring Brings New Life

Our credit card company emailed us and said, We’ve noticed you travel a lot. Here’s how you can get more points.” Well that credit card email sums up our February and March to a T.

We went on our cruise at the beginning of February. You can read about our ports here and here. In the beginning of March we drove to Yuma, Arizona to hang out with my grandparents who are snowbirds. We stayed there a week. We got home and that weekend we went canyoneering in Moab. We got home on Saturday and on Monday we went to beaver to help Robert’s parents before they leave on their mission.

March is slightly a blur because of all of our “adventures”. Just kidding, I can’t call them adventures because we didn’t pan for any gold; I will call them trips.spring blossoms

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Chicken Avocado Cranberry Salad Recipe

Baked is one of my favorite eateries in Utah County. They recently closed down their Provo location, but don’t fret, they are opening two new cafes. One at the University mall and one in Lehi. My favorite thing on their menu is their Orange Cranberry salad. I have been going through serious withdrawals so Robert and I created a similar recipe.



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Cozumel (Cruise Port 2)

On our second port day we went to Cozumel. Cozumel is known for their white beaches and clear water. We didn’t have an excursion lined up so after getting off of the ship we found a place where we could snorkel and play on the beach. We went to the Chankanaab Beach Adventure Park.

The sun and I are best friends.

Robert and I played with some sea lions. They let us get in line to let her give us kisses on the cheek.

When it was Robert’s turn he turned his head and kissed her on the lips. Ha! After I went to kiss Robert and his lips were fishy! GROSS!

They wanted $16 a photo, so we snuck in and took photos. Suckers!



The water was beautiful. We were sad we didn’t have more time to play. I think we would go back to Cozumel to snorkel the crap out of the water. I’ve also decided I am going to be a snorkeler for life. I want to snorkel all of the waters.


Love Love Love,
Krystal Dey

Progreso Yucatan (Cruise Port 1)

Robert and I went on our cruise with 3 other couples. They are a few of Robert’s best friends from high school. It made the cruise so much fun. One of the best parts about the cruise was visiting Progreso Yucatan and Cozumel. Our first port took place in Progreso Yucatan. One of the wives of our group found a private tour through Trip Adviser. It was cheaper than the cruise excursions and it was only the 8 of us on the tour.

The tour guide started our tour by taking us to a Mayan community. It was so much fun walking around and driving around the little village.

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