Mormons in Maxis

Mormon ladies love maxi dresses. I swear. It’s this crazy phenomenon that we can’t let go of. We wear them in the summer, we wear them in the spring, we wear them in the winter, we wear them in the fall. Where did this even start? Is it cool? I have no idea because I joined and I’m never going back. I know it became a “thing” a few years ago, but I never thought I would catch on. I did…two years ago and I can’t quit. They are comfortable as heck. I have to wear dresses to work and I’m a Sunbeam teacher (goodbye heels and anything shorter than an ankle length). So ya know, #MormonsInMaxis. I took these photos in one day…I pinky promise.

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Wedding Shenanigans

Robert and I were married in the Manti Temple. It was the most beautiful thing I’ve ever been a part of. Read more about it here. The luncheon and reception was in the backyard I grew up in. We had our favorite Mexican restaurant cater the luncheon and my uncles made pancakes for the reception.

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Clichés of Fall

Like most Utah County(ers), Robert and I drove the Alpine Loop. I guess I’m like most girls on Pinterest, I enjoy layers and scarves. I don’t love autumn more than summer or spring, but I do like it more than winter. I love the colors, the clothes, the smell. Robert and I don’t love pumpkin pie or anything, but we love fall! We drove the loop on a sunny afternoon; the leaves still had a green to them.

I have this theory that there are so many awesome holidays in October, November, December, January, even March (hello St. Patty’s day) because something has to get us through the snow. If we didn’t have those holidays why would we ever leave our homes?

So there you have it, fall is a magical time of year. I always find myself stomping on crunchy leaves, drinking hot chocolate, and counting the days until Christmas. This year I am trying not to rush through the autumn leaves; I’m enjoying the crisp air. I don’t have a cliché fall bucket list or anything, I’m just trying to enjoy it more, breathe it in, ya know?

We just watched The Odd Life of Timmothy Green for the first time and it was lovely. The colors were stunning, the set, the wardrobe, the cinematography, even the story were all beautiful and fall-esque. I would recommend it.

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Books I’ve Been Reading Part II

This is part II of the books I’ve read. You can read part one here. I’ve been reading a lot of books and Utah has been getting a lot of book reading weather. I’m talking rainstorms, sweatpants, hot cocoa kind of days.

Is Everyone Hanging out Without Me (And Other Concerns) I listened to this book in the audio format because I love Mindy Kaling and she reads the book and she is hilarious. The book was a great listen! I am excited for her new book to come out! (F bombs and sexual content)
Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me

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Books I’ve Been Reading Part I

I’ve been reading a lot of books lately. It helps that I ride the train for 3 hours a day and I married a reader. I love books. They’re magical and exciting. I want to share some of my favorites with you in hopes that you’ll share your favorites with me. Here is a list of books I’ve read and enjoyed:

13 Reasons Why. This book is sad. However, it was a clever and an inspirational read because of the message.

13 Reasons Why

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Sh*t Pinterest Says

Here’s the deal. I am not very crafty. I don’t know how to decorate, but I can follow pictures. I have compiled a list of things that I’ve come across on Pinterest that are silly. They may not be silly to you and I get that. I do.

Click on this picture to get the recipe! JK we took all the popular pictures on Pinterest and put it on our sketchy site! Good luck fools!
< <link not included because, duh>>

Never pay for Redbox again. (I’ve tried it and I don’t believe it.) {source}
Screen Shot 2014-09-23 at 8.01.34 PM

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Acords Lake

The Rasmussens/Wollenzien’s/McDonald’s/Midgley’s had a family reunion and it was awesome. This was my families (step included) first family reunion in forever. We went over the long weekend and glam-camped it up. We are glam-campers on the Rasmussen side. We stay in trailers and eat a lot of food, we ride 4-wheelers and explore. Glam-camping is best when you have kids. Because TeAnna, Karli, Robert and I were the only ones sans children we stayed in our 16 (wo)man tent. Robert and I had our own room, TeAnna and Karli had their own room and we had a living room.

// We ate amazing food like Swedish meatballs, pulled pork sandwiches, and fried chicken. It’s true, I don’t love fried chicken because of the acid reflex, but I make a mean southern fried chicken.

// Suki was super preggers the entire time and I was LOL-ing over her inability to jump.

// Karli and TeAnna are camping models and soon to be Tumblr famous

// I had a photo shoot with Dustin and Amy. I’m not a professional photographer by any means. I am learning and it is fun.

// We rode our 4-wheelers and off roaders to the lake where we didn’t fish because no one had their license.

Ben fell asleep on the way to the lake…those lips and eyelashes

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