31 things

1. Robert loves food. I never thought I  could find someone who loves food as much as me and I did. When we read our journals from when we were growing up the entries were always about what we ate that day.

2. He goes on adventures. He loves camping, hiking, canyoneering. He helps me get out of my peeing comfort zone and takes me outdoors.

3. He loves our families. 
4. He loves baking. He reads cookbooks for fun, he makes up recipes, and then he bakes the most delicious desserts.

5. He is a food artist. If we were to ever have a food blog or a bakery he would be the one making the food look pretty.

6. Robert loves projects. Last year he made a flower garden by himself. I only helped a little. He learned how to lay the brick, the best soil to use, & when to plant the bulbs. He did everything and it looks amazing.

7. He’s cheap and saves money, but he also spends money without stressing.

8. Robert loves kids. He is so sweet to them. Whenever I am holding a baby and it starts to cry I hand it over to Robert because I know he will cheer it up. He is going to make an amazing dad.

9. He would be totally content living in the mountains.

10. He is hecka handsome with a beard wearing flannel and is equally handsome clean shaven wearing a suit.

11. He loves reading. He could read for hours and hours and hours and hours. 

12. He loves his friends. Robert is still best friends with the guys he went to high school with. He loves them like brothers and he would do anything for them.

13. Robert is very funny. He is quick with his wit. He makes me laugh daily.

14. He thinks I’m funny. 

15. He snorts when he laughs. And yes, he got this from me and it is adorable.

16. Robert doesn’t use social media. He realized it was a time waster and wasn’t the best and he deleted it all without hesitation. 

17. Robert loves Scooter. Yes, the dog. It’s not even his dog,  it’s his brothers dog. He loves Scooter so much and treats him like a child. 

18. Robert is a really good listener and I talk a lot. He takes interest in what others are saying. 

19. Robert is my best friend. We can talk about anything and everything. We have so much fun together. 

20. He is an extremely hard worker. In the past 3 years he has only taken one sick day. It nearly killed him to take it, and I made him take it because he was puking.

21. Robert has the brightest countenance. That was one of the things that I noticed right away. His eyes sparkle and his smile.

22. He never complains about waiters/waitresses. Even if they’re not very decent he still tips them 20%. 

23. Robert isn’t negative. In fact he’s the most positive optimistic man I know.

24. He is very chill. I think our personalities go perfectly together. He helps me relax and not stress the small stuff.

25. Robert is willing to drop anything and everything to help someone in need.

26. Robert is very clean. He will always insist on cleaning the bathrooms and mopping the kitchen floor. And he doesn’t even use a mob, he gets down on his hands and knees. He served his mission in Ghana and Sierra Leone  and he learned how to clean. He  also learned to take care of his belongings because he saw how lucky we are to live where we do. We have so many things.

27. Robert loves gardening. He loves tilling the ground, planting, watering and checking on his little green babies.

28. He is very loving and giving. One day Robert wants to take our family to Africa to serve the people. 

29. Robert is a climber. He is always climbing rocks or trees and it literally takes him 3 seconds to climb anything. 

30. Robert loves music. But it’s not just that. He knows what kind of music his people like, so when we’re on road trips with other people or whenever his friends or family members are around he plays their favorite bands for them.

31. Robert has an amazing testimony of the gospel. He loves his religion, he loves Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ. It is the most important thing to him. And because of that he helps me be a better person.

Happy birthday Robert. I love you!
Love Love Love,

Krystal Dey

Here and There (December 2015)

Robert put up the Christmas lights this year and he did amazing. We wanted very specific lights. So we bought blue strands and white strands. We changed the bulbs so they were every other one. Our niece came over and was like, “Oh cool, BYU colors.” (Eye roll you guys, eye roll. We weren’t trying to be so Utah County and we were.) Whatevs. Our little house looked amazing.

Robert took me to this new ice cream shop for one of our dates. It is called Rockwells and it is in Provo. Downtown provo needed an ice cream shop and the place is adorable and not too hipster-y. The ice cream was hecka expensive, but it was delicious. We tried three flavors. s’mores, butter pecan, and chocolate muddy buddy. I am not a fan of s’mores anything, but the s’more ice cream out shined the rest of the flavors and they were amazing. We will definitely be back. Getting three scoops is the best deal. Share it.

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Things I’m Proud of (2015)

I tweeted this a few days ago, “As the year ends & I reflect on 2015 the thing I’m most proud of is only having to attend 2 bridal showers & 0 baby showers! Cheers to 2016!” And though it’s true it really got me thinking about what I really am most proud of.

This has been a growing year for me. I realized things I’ve never realized and I’ve grown in ways I never knew I needed to grow. I feel like I am finally in this place of content and peace.

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Christmas with the Rasmussen’s (2015)

This Christmas was magical, festive, and way too short. Robert had to work Christmas Eve and the day after Christmas. It was the pits. We squeezed every ounce of celebration in when we could.

On the 24th Robert went to work and I prepared to clean the house so we would be ready to go to my parents house when Robert got off work. Robert and I love cleaning before we go out of town so we can come home to a clean home. This time around it didn’t work because it was all up to me and I was a grump. I missed my family. I felt horrible for Robert because he was working and I was home alone. Luckily I got to meet him for a small lunch. When I came home Instead of cleaning I watched Elf and a cheesy holiday movie on Hulu.

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Behind the Scenes

The internet is our highlight reel. I am guilty of not posting the double chins, the messy home, or about how I cried all night because I was sad over something that hurt me.

Sometimes it’s annoying to see how “perfectly” people portray themselves. Here’s to keeping it real. Here are some of the outtake photos from our summer camping trips.

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Ch-Ch-Changes & Exciting News

Robert and I have hit a point in our marriage where things won’t stay still. Life keeps moving forward and it’s kind of exciting. On our way home from Thanksgiving last week I asked him, “How do we find a home?” I wasn’t meaning a house, we have one of those, but in the future, where will we call home? Where will we end up? We thought about it for a minute and moved forward to the next topic. It’s a little too soon to think about.

Which leads me to some exciting news!

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Thanksgiving with the Wollenzien’s 2015

This year for Thanksgiving we went to the Wollenzien house in Beaver. (If you’ve never been to Beaver and you enjoy small towns you need to go. They have the best water, a cheese factory, my favorite Dairy Queen, and some really good Mexican restaurants.)

This was my first Thanksgiving away from the Rasmussen’s. I missed them terribly, but I love my in-laws so much and they made me feel at home. Robert has 5 siblings, most of them are married and there are 13 nieces and nephews. It was so loud and very fun. We watched movies, played rock band, Sega, and ate a ton of delicious food.

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