Homemade Trail Mix

I have the tastebuds of an old man. I love nuts, I love dark chocolate, I love black licorice and I love popcorn. Trail mix is one of my favorite snacks. It’s healthy, crunchy, sweet, and salty. I like making my own trail mix because I know what’s in it. I put what I like in it, and it’s cheaper. I buy my ingredients at Winco in the bulk isles, but you can buy them anywhere.

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Life Update

–I’ve been really sick lately and have taken quite a few sick days. And when I say sick I mean the worst cold for days and 3 jumbo cold sores taking over my bottom lip. Like, I had to wear a mask at the doctor’s office, sick. I love this post below because I have felt an immense fear of not being busy while taking sick days. I thought people would get mad at me or they would judge me. Then I realized that it doesn’t matter what “they” think. I need to take care of myself and it’s okay to not be busy all.of.the.freaking.time.


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My Most Embarrassing Moment

My most embarrassing moment happened to me when I was in high school.

It was my senior year. My best friend Karli and I procrastinated taking our last PE class until our final year of high school because We weren’t the “athletic” type and we did not participate in any sports, we HAD to take PE. We soon realized the class was full of people who liked to take PE. The “athletic” type. I still remember our teacher making us do basketball drills, we were in PE class with the entire girls basketball team and the basketball coach was our teacher. And there Karli and I were…dribbling…and attempting to roll basketballs behind our back without letting them fall.

This is Karli and me right after graduation. We look really athletic because we were at a baseball game, but we had no idea what was even going on. I just liked the cute pink hat.
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My Mom Taught Me How to Cook

If you’ve read my new about me page, then you know that one of mine and Robert’s dreams is to live in a small town and open a bakery. We are completely serious about this. I’ve loved cooking my entire life. Everything I know I learned from my mom. My mom taught me how to cook; she made the best food.

After she passed away, we had sweet neighbors deliver meal after meal to us. It was a kind gesture and helped so much, but we didn’t cook a real meal for ourselves for months. I distinctly remember the first meal we made–it was tacos. We browned the ground beef and added the onions and seasonings. We chopped lettuce and tomatoes. I walked out of the kitchen at one point and remember that as I walked back into the kitchen the aroma of food filled my lungs and I started crying. I missed the smell of home cooked food.

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MyFitnessPal, More like (Not) MyFitnessPal

Robert and I are the typical Mormon newlyweds. Much to our demise we gained the newlywed fifteen… so we thought. When we weighed ourselves it was more like the newlywed twenty-forty. We are so excited for summer, we love hiking and being outdoors. When we hit the tipping “point” we knew we needed to do something about it. We didn’t want to cut out any food, we just wanted to eat in moderation. Now we are addicted to the MyFitnessPal app. At first there was nothing very pal-like about it. Basically, the app was like, “Yo Krystal! You wanna eat that double double animal style? If you do you can’t eat anything else the rest of the day or you have to move your a** at the gym.” And I was like, “You’re not a pal, you’re the worst pal I’ve ever had!”

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Over the long MLK weekend Robert and I, plus some of the Rasmussen’s went down to St. George to help my eldest brother move. On Saturday LaRea, my Dad, Robert, and I went into Nevada to explore where my homeboy grew up. We went through some slot canyons, saw Red Rock, went to the Indian Museum, and ate ice cream. It was really cool to see where he grew up. Like me, he grew up in a small town. He would campout with his friends, swim in the reservoir, and learned how to repel. The town helped raise him.

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Mormons in Maxis

Mormon ladies love maxi dresses. I swear. It’s this crazy phenomenon that we can’t let go of. We wear them in the summer, we wear them in the spring, we wear them in the winter, we wear them in the fall. Where did this even start? Is it cool? I have no idea because I joined and I’m never going back. I know it became a “thing” a few years ago, but I never thought I would catch on. I did…two years ago and I can’t quit. They are comfortable as heck. I have to wear dresses every.single.day to work and I’m a Sunbeam teacher (goodbye heels and anything shorter than an ankle length). So ya know, #MormonsInMaxis. I took these photos in one day…I pinky promise.

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Wedding Shenanigans

Robert and I were married in the Manti Temple. It was the most beautiful thing I’ve ever been a part of. Read more about it here. The luncheon and reception was in the backyard I grew up in. We had our favorite Mexican restaurant cater the luncheon and my uncles made pancakes for the reception.

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