We’re Engaged!

The story.

It was our 9 month anniversary. Flashback.

9 months ago a handsome bearded boy from my ward asked me to go get a fritter with him from his favorite bakery for breakfast the next morning. I jumped on the chance. I even woke up early…on a Saturday morning. It was our first date.

He picked me up at 8. He opened the door to his truck (chivalrous). We headed to the bakery. We chatted. Awkwardly giggled. We smiled. He bought us some fritters and we drove around looking for a park to sit and eat. We found a park. We ate and ate and I gave him my leftovers. It was a warm sunny day, kids playing soccer, parents cheering, LARPERS (live action role players) were arriving in costume. We didn’t get a chance to watch them “play” because we both had to go to weddings and baby showers.

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God Bless School Teachers

This week I am the luckiest transportation rider in the world. (sarcasm sign).

Yesterday I was blessed. I sat down, turned on “New Girl”, and relaxed. Minutes later I was lucky enough to have 100 sister missionaries accompany me home. They sat by me. Looking at me, wanting to talk. I wanted to watch “New Girl”. After minutes I realized Schmidt was too inappropriate to watch while sitting next to “sisters”. But I kept watching.

Let me paint the picture. They had only been in the MTC for a week. They had deer in the headlights expressions. They had yet to have P-day.

As soon as the show ended and I removed my headphones, we chatted and chatted and chatted. I’m still Mormon.

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Little Inspirations: “The Power of Vulnerablity”

Let’s talk Brene Brown for a second. This TedTalk has single-handily changed my life for the better. Let me paint you a picture:

Years ago I was a girl who was capable of talking to people, but just the small stuff, ya know? It took a lot of work and time to open up, to try to let people in, and that fear got to me. A fear I had never known existed. I was afraid of love because I was afraid of loss. I was scared of letting someone special in because then what negative images flooded my mind. It wasn’t so much a dating situation as it was a people situation.

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Little Inspirations: My Little Sister’s Best Friend

I want to share some of the things that have touched my heart over the years. This could be blogs, videos, memes, GIF’s, you name it. Let’s start out with my best friend Matt.

Matt and I took so many photos together at the Movember Mustache Party they deserved their own blog. I love this guy. He’s one of my best friends. Matt and Karli were best friends in high school. The first time I met him he came over to our house to hang out with Karli, Karli left the room for a second, I instantly started chatting to this guy standing in my living room, carrying board games. He had the coolest cardigan and shoes on. I’m pretty sure he had no idea what to even say back, but I knew from the moment I saw him we would be best friends for life.

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Just Cause

Because we blog to talk about ourselves and the cool people in our lives.

// I don’t get macaroons, maybe I’ve never had them. But what about those healthy coconut cookies? Aren’t those macaroons? But what about those cutsie cookies bloggers make in which they call macaroons?

// Tea is my favorite

// A clean home is a happy home

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Saying Yes to Krsytal

I don’t know how much you really know about me. But I am a film guru, meaning I studied film in my undergrad and I work with media now. When I graduated I needed to give myself things to do. Grown-up homework I would say. I started this blog, I started doing wedding videography, I took photos for other people, I did projects for other people. Over the past few months I have learned I didn’t do those things for me, yes I wanted to get better at my camerawork, but I didn’t have time to truly do what I’m passionate about. And most importantly I didn’t take time to take care of myself.

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